Ich fürchte unsere allzu sorgfältige

Erziehung liefert uns nur Zwergobst

2016, CAGE 105A, OTIS College of Art and Design, Los Angeles


installation, motor, grey rubber ball Ø 1m, dimensions variable


Dear Darlings, 

Everyone knows all Austrians are repressed Nazis who wear

Lederhosen and Dirndl to the Supermarket. All Austrians drive

BMWs and eat Wiener Schnitzel like there is no tomorrow.

They even run around on mountains while jumping on grass

singing about how the hills are alive to the sounds of

Rammstein and Kraftwerk. Hell, they even yodel during sex.


Yet, my favorite Austrian engages in nothing of the sort;

her perversity lies in her art. It gives me extreme pleasure to

announce that CAGE 105A will present its inagural exhibition

"Ich fürchte, unsere allzu sorgfältige Erziehung liefert uns nur Zwergobst"

by Los Angeles based Austrian artist Margarethe Drexel on Feb. 17th. 


Drexel, riffing on the Galileo Affair and L.A. yuppie culture,

probes the clincal nature of sculptural installation problems while

displaying her signature charm and humor this multifaceted work.

But don't take it from me,

I'm off to buy more Lederhosen.



Zachary Roach, 2016