Trial and Error Trial and Error


Trial and Error

2012, C-Print mounted on Dibond, each 100 x 70 cm


The Cook, the Goat and I.


The Cook, the Goat and I.

2012, C-Print, 100 x 70 cm


Following in the footsteps of Joseph Anton Koch in Latium. The search

for the heroic landscape culminated in an endless burnt pine avenue,

a shaggy beast, and me.



Grand Tour       Grand Tour


Grand Tour

2011, Polaroid


With the truck driver Claudio I traveled over the Brenner Pass

to Italy.

A Polaroid camera in my luggage.

The result is two.







2011, aluminum construction: radius 2.5 m, height 3 m, gondola, engine


An old cable cabin is dragged along the floor in a circle.

Consumed and discarded. It no longer allows the viewer to enter.

The mountain peaks are far away, in the city even more.


Supported by: Land Tirol, Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin,

Cusanuswerk Bonn, Gemeinde Mutters;








2010, installation, motors, stainless steel, 90 x 90 cm x 3 m ,

500 kg sugar cubes, ladder


The machine hangs from the ceiling of the room and consists of

a stainless steel hopper and a round plate which rotates

quickly around its own axis. From the hopper, a piece

of lump sugar falls on the plate and will be thrown away.

When the hopper is empty, I fill it up again.


 Supported by: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Magic Mountain


Zaubergerg (Magic Mountain)

2010, project sketch for Art in Puplic Space, Tyrol,

5 tonnes powdered sugar


A mountain peak is covered with powdered sugar in summer.

Only one peak is white. Poetic state of emergency.

An ephemeral intervention in nature. After the first rain it's all gone.

The sugar mountain peak remains only as a memory.



To show the furry animal his way out of the monitor


To show the Furry Animal his Way out

of the Monitor

2009, DV PAL, 1 min 32, color, sound


This video piece was created based on the quote by

Ludwig Wittgenstein in his Philosophical Investigations § 309,“

What is your aim in philosophy?

To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle”.

By means of the dangerous situation to be killed by the

energy supplier sugar, the animal quickly learnswho’s its enemy,

and soon it finds his un-freedom again!